Enrico Rocha

(this page was last updated in July 2016)

Fortaleza, Brazil, 1976.
Lives and works in Fortaleza, Brazil.

PIPA 2012 nominee.

Master of Visual Languages from the UFRJ and a BA in Communications from the UFC. Enrico was a member of the visual arts study the Alpendre – house of art and production in 2001. In the same year, he was awarded as a contemplated artist in the programme Rumos Itaú Visual Arts 2001/2003. Among the events and exhibitions, his highlights were the award “Atos Visuais Funarte” in 2007, the meeting “Tecido Afetivo”, in 2010, and exhibitions “Dois Pontos” in 2010, and “A 4 graus do Equador” in 2011. He also highly regards the presentation of individual projects “Perguntas Ordinárias em Percursos Existenciais” in 2006, and “Onde Aqui se Localiza” in 2008.

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