Exhibition 2015

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PIPA Exhibition 2015 was held at MAM-Rio, from 5th September-15th November 2015, showcasing works by the four finalists of the Prize’s sixth edition: Cristiano Lenhardt, Leticia Ramos, Marina Rheingantz and Virginia de Medeiros.

Watch PIPA 2015 exhibition installation video, with exclusive insights from the finalists talking about the works chosen for the exhibition.

Media Repercussion:

In the article titled ” The current state of the art”, published November 2nd, 2015 in the Segundo Caderno of the Brazilian newspaper O Globo, Art Critic and Independent Curator Luisa Duarte, highlights the  finalists exhibition as an important measure of the current Brazilian contemporary art scenario.

” PIPA Prize should be followed by those who are interested in the recent past and upcoming future of Brazilian contemporary art production”. To read the full article, click here.

The artists and the exhibition:

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Cristiano Lenhardt was born in Itaara, RS and has lived in Recife since 2006. His practice is characterized by the use of a multiplicity of techniques and disciplines, from drawings, paintings, photography, video, installation and collages. Lenhardt created three new works specifically for PIPA 2015 exhibition at MAM-Rio, in addition to presenting a piece from 2013  occupying both the floors and walls of the exhibition space.

The works on view at the exhibition: “Perfurações azul/vermelho”, created with colouring pencils over perforated paper; “Perfurações grafite”, graphite on paper with perforations; an untitled piece which was elaborated with cut paper; “TV jornal corte”, composed of television monitors and newspapers, and ‘’Um jogo’’, the only work executed in 2013 and composed by three hundred painted wooden pieces.

Leticia Ramos’ artistic investigation focuses on the creation on photography apparatuses for the capture, reconstruction of the movement and presentation on video, installation and photography. Her works have a strong procedural character and are generally part of larger investigation projects. The artist, 39, born in Santo Antônio da Patrulha, currently works and resides in the city of Sao Paulo. Ramos has had a strong presence in the international art scene, her works have been exhibited in renowned worldwide galleries and institutions such as Tate Modern.

At PIPA 2015 exhibition, Leticia presented works executed in 2014: “Fenda”, polaroid photography, 110×140 cm, “Meteorito 1″, photography after microfilm, 100×85 cm, “Paisagem #1″ e “Paisagem #2″, both photographs after microfilm, 100×210 cm (each). Ramos also showed the installation “Projeção holográfica”, 2015.

Marina Rheingantz, 31, the only painter and youngest artist amongst the 2015 finalists has been receiving high attention from the media and demand from the market. Rheingantz’s is at front of a new generation of Brazilian artists whom have returned to oil painting as a medium in mainstream contemporary art. The artist lives and works in Sao Paulo, where she produces large scale works, championing traditional painterly values – colour, texture, space with predominating themes of abstract figures and landscape.

Rheingantz selected four oil on canvases works to exhibit at MAM-Rio,executed in 2015 and presented to the public for the first time during PIPA 2015 exhibition: “Caracol”, 60×80 cm, “Circuito”, 270×400 cm, “Cruzeiro do Sul”, 180×150 cm and “Tenda marroquina”, 200×250 cm.

Virginia de Medeiros, 42, born in Feira de Santana BA,  lives São Paulo, In her work, Virginia appropriates documentary strategies which go beyond the testimonies of her subjects, questioning the limits between fiction and reality.

Amongst the works exhibited at PIPA was “Sérgio e Simone” (2009/2014), selected for the 31st São Paulo Biennial (2014) and recipient of the ICCo residency award at the 18th Festival de Arte Contemporânea Videobrasil, the work documents the life of Simone, a transvestite who lived at the Ladeira da Montanha, in Salvador, capital of Bahia. Like most the residents of the borough, Simone was an avid drug user. However, after a crack overdose, she suffers a mystical delirium causing her to “find God” and circumvent death. From this episode onwards Simone abandons her identity as a transvestite, retakes her baptism name of Sérgio and becomes an avid evangelical preacher in a delirious quest to save humanity.

Other works featured at the exhibition, “Alexandre”, “Marcus”, “Maria da Penha”, works from the “Fábula do olhar” series, 2013, composed of digital photo painting on paper, text, audio and the video  “Em torno dos meus marítimos”, 2014 and four photographs from the same series entitled “Manilas bar – casa da Marinalva”.

The finalists were competing in two categories; PIPA (R$130 thousand) and PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition (R$24 thousand). To meet the winners, click here.

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