Exhibition 2011 at MAM- Rio

(this page was last updated in November 2017)

The PIPA 2011 exhibition took place at MAM-Rio, from September 10th to November 20th, 2011, with works by the four finalists of the Prize’s second edition: Andre Komatsu, Eduardo BerlinerJonathas de Andrade and Tatiana Blass.

Tatiana Blass, winner of PIPA and PIPA Popular Vote presented four works:

“Blinding light_Seated” , The life-size wax figure of a person in seating position is placed on a chair. Its back is exposed to the light of a reflector kept on during the length of the exhibition. As the heat of the reflected light melts the wax, it gradually uncovers the figure’s spinal column cast in bronze;

the canvases “Accident #5”, oil on canvas, 200,1 x 251 cm;

and “Accident #2”, oil on canvas, 130 x 180cm;

and the video “Metade da fala no chão – Piano surdo”, 2010 , 19’20″, edition 2/5 + PA.

Andre Komatsu presented three sculptures:

“Desvio de poder”, 2011, concrete block, synthetic paint and paint can, variable dimension;

“Base Hierárquica (BR)” [Hierarchic Base], 2011, concrete block, american glass, crystal glass, variable dimension;

and “Peso morto” [Dead weight], 2011, wood, variable dimension.

Eduardo Berliner brought 6 canvases to MAM:

“Horário de Visitação” [Visiting hour], 2011, oil on canvas, 225 x 160cm;

“Unicórnio” [Unicorn] , 2011, oil on canvas, 245 x 190cm;

“Morceguinho” [Little bat], 2011, oil on canvas, 66 x 52cm;

“Habitat”, 2011, oil on canvas, 250 x 280cm;

“Tigre” [Tiger], 2011, oil on canvas, 300 x 240cm;

and “Urubu” [Black vulture], 2011, oil on canvas, 102 x 114cm.

Jonathas de Andrade presented “Ressaca Tropical” [Tropical Hangover], a 2009 installation made of photographies articulated with pages of a love journal found in the trash in Recife.

During the voting period for the category PIPA Popular Vote (September 10th to October 23rd), when buying a ticket for the show, each visitor was entitled to vote on their favorite artist. The vote was secret.
Tatiana Blass was the most voted artist by the public. She won the Popular Vote award and the prize of R$20,000.

The four artists also competed for the main award, PIPA 2011, in the value of R$100,000 part of the money funded for an Artist Residency Programme at Gasworks in London. The winner was Tatiana Blass.
In this category the winner is chosen by the Award Jury, based on the works at the show and on their portfolios.
The four finalists received a donation of R$ 10,000 (ten thousand Reais). This amount was given as a contribution for the preparation of the works for the exhibition.

Following the Regulation instruction this donation was was discounted from the prize for the winner, Tatiana Blass.

The PIPA exhibition is always held at MAM-Rio, Av. Infante Dom Henrique, 85 – Parque do Flamengo – Rio de Janeiro.

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