Fabiana Faleiros

(this page was last updated in June 2019)

Pelotas, Brazil, 1980.
Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.

Represented by Sé Galeria.

PIPA 2015 and 2019 nominee.

Fabiana Faleiros creates installations that are activated with performance, songs and objects. In her doctorate, Lady Incentivo – SEX 2018: an album about thesis, love and money, she researched the historical construction of white femininity through a decolonial feminist perspective. She is the author of the book The Pulse that Falls and the technologies of the touch, São Paulo, Ikrek: 2016, awarded by Proac Book of Artist. In 2018 participated in the 10th Berlin Biennale with the Mastur Bar and since 2012 develops projects in Brazil and abroad in cities like Belém do Para, Bogota, Athens, Warsaw, Kiev, Vienna, among others.

Website: virandooazeite.blogspot.com

Video produced by Do Rio Filmes, exclusively for PIPA Prize 2019:

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