Fersen Lamas Lambranho

(this page was last updated in March 2022)

Lives and works between São Paulo, Brazil, and London, UK.
Member of the PIPA Prize Nominating Committee 2014, 2018 and 2022.

Fersen Lambranho is an Engineer, M.Sc. in Business Administration, and Chairman of the board of GP Investments and G2D Investments

Since 1998, he has been leading Investments in Brazil, UK and USA, through Private Equity Management at GP Investments, as well as public investment vehicles listed on Switzerland, USA, Luxembourg and Brazil

Member of the Board of several companies, in different countries, and from sectors such as retail, telecom, railways, industrials, restaurants, consumer goods, real estate, technology, utilities and so one.

Mentor of young entrepreneurs, especially Endeavor, Big Bets and Amaz (the first entrepreneurship fund in the Amazon), as well as an investor in deep tech initiatives in the USA, UK and Brazil.

Enthusiast about arts (former member of Councils of the Bienal de São Paulo and actual board member of MASP).

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