Ibã Huni Kuin (Isaías Sales)

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Tarauacá, Brazil, 1964.
Lives and works in Tarauacá, Brazil.

PIPA 2016 nominee.
Works in the PIPA Institute Collection

Ibã Huni Kuin (T.I. Huni Kuin Rio Jordão) is a txana (singing master) of what constitutes the MAHKU – Artistic Movement of the Huni Kuin. The Huni Kuin live in the border of Brazil and Peru, however, they are also spread out amongst several indigenous lands in the state of Acré. They speak the hatxa kuin dialect, belonging to the linguistic family Pano. They have a history of close contact with the ‘seringalista’ economy – owners of farmlands who dealt with the extraction of natural rubber from the Hevea plants , which dominated the Amazonian region during a crucial period of the XX century.

Website: nixi-pae.blogspot.com.br

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