João Roberto Ripper

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1953.
Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

PIPA 2012 nominee.

João Roberto Ripper works as a freelance photographer and conducts photography workshops in the whole country (Brazil).
Graduated in Journalism at the Hélio Alonso School of Communication in Rio de Janeiro, worked for the ‘carioca'(from Rio de Janeiro) newspapers O Globo, Última Hora, Luta Democrática and Diário de Notícias. Participated in the F4, one of the first independent photo agencies in Brazil. He created the NGO “Imagens da Terra”, whose proposal was to put the photography in the service of human rights. Founder of Project “Images Humanas”, an Agency-School of Popular Photographers at the NGO Observatório de Favelas do Rio de Janeiro, located in the complex of slums of Maré. Today more than 40 former students from Rio favelas get theirs livings as photographers.
Since 2011 Ripper has developed the workshop entitled “Bem-querer” (Good will) which examines the work of humanistic photographers and their importance in breaking down of stereotypes and the use of photography as a tool for social transformation.

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