Juarez Paraíso

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Arapiranga, Brazil, 1934.
Lives and works in Salvador, Brazil.

PIPA 2015 Nominee.

Plastic artist, graduated in Sculpture, Engraving, and Painting at the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Bahia, he has participated in countless collective exhibitions in Bahia, Brazil, and abroad, highlighting several official exhibitions such as the National Modern Art Salon of Rio de Janeiro, National Modern Art Salon of Brasília, Salon of the Art Museum of Belo Horizonte, Baiano Hall of Fine Arts, Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo, II Baiano Hall of Photography, Paranaense Hall, and São Paulo Biennial. Among the exhibitions abroad are Artists from Bahia in Peru, Madrid, Los Angeles, Spain, Festival of Black Art, Nigeria, “Introspectives”, Contemporary Art by Americans and Brasilians of African Descent, Cleveland, Ohio, Los Angeles. Coordinated the Northeast Project of Plastic Arts, composed of 12 artists, holding exhibitions, lectures and murals in all capitals of the Northeast. He dominates all techniques of Plastic Arts and Graphics. His professional work dates from 1950, and he is currently doing research with the computer, through several programs. He has already made dozens of sculptures, murals, grids and sidewalks for squares and public buildings in the city of Salvador, and has also made dozens of photographs, costumes, scenery, and Carnival decorations. Currently, his most representative work of public art is at the Hospital Aliança da Bahia.

Video produced by Matrioska Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2015.

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