Nomination Committee 2010

(this page was last updated in March 2011)

The following is the complete list with the names of the members of the Nomination Committee of PIPA 2010.
We provide pages to all members of the Nomination Committee, with the information given by themselves to the coordination of PIPA.
Click on their names to have access to their pages and learn more about them.
We invite all members of the Nomination Committee to send the information about their careers and also a picture, to feed their profile pages.


Agnaldo Farias

Artur Lescher

Cristiana Tejo

Daniel Senise

Eduardo Leme

Elida Tessler

Ernesto Neto

Fernanda Feitosa

Franklin Pedroso

Guilherme Bueno

Iole de Freitas

Jones Bergamin

Jorge Menna Barreto

Jose Ignacio Roca (Bogota)

José Olympio Pereira

Juliana Cintra

Luiz Braga

Luiz Guilherme Vergara

Luiz Schymura

Marcia Fortes

Marga Pasquali

Mariana Moura

Marta Fadel

Milton Machado

Moacir dos Anjos

Paulo Reis (Lisbon)

Paulo Sergio Duarte

Rina Carvajal (Miami)

Rodrigo Moura

Tanya Barson (London)

Tiago Mesquita

Victoria Noorthoorn (Buenos Aires)

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