Luísa Nóbrega

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São Paulo, Brazil, 1984.

PIPA 2016 and 2017 nominee.

Graduated in Philosophy at the University of São Paulo, Luisa Nobrega is an artist who explores the boundaries between different artistic disciplines. Blurring the lines between performance, video, literature and sound, she investigates the friction zones in between body and language, biology and culture, voice and identity, interested in situations of polyphony and linguistic collapse. Since 2012 she does not have a fixed home, and lives temporarily both in artistic residencies and hosted with friends in different parts of in Brazil and abroad. In the last four years, she developed projects in Mexico, Guatemala, Iceland, Poland, Armenia, Ukraine and Lithuania and took part of exhibitions such as ‘Presence, Absence, Traces’, POLIN Museum, Warsaw, Poland; ‘Working days’, Museum of Modern Art, São Paulo, Brazil, ‘Turborealism, breaking ground’, Donetsk, Ukraine and ‘City as Process’, Ekaterinburg, Russia. With her vocal experiments, she collaborated with a collective of contemporary electronic musicians, Al Reves, with whom in 2006 she recorded the album menagerie. She is also a writer and is currently editing ‘I wanna be my werewolf’, an anthology of poems.


Video produced by Matrioska Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2016:

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