Mariannita Luzzati

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São Paulo, Brazil, 1963.
Lives and works between São Paulo, Brazil and London, England.

Represented by Marcelo Guarnieri Gallery, Albuquerque Contemporânea, and Cassia Bomeny Gallery

PIPA 2016 Nominee.

In her most recent production of drawings and paintings, Mariannita Luzzati starts off from her interest in landscape or in the elemental form associated to it: idyllic and contemplative. There are no records of progress, no constructions or human interference in the scenes. What can be observed in the pictorial field are mountainous and human silhouettes, which could be mountains in human format. Mariannita removes all urban scene and returns landscape to its contemplative sense.
‘‘In 2010, during my visit to the Espirito Santo state, specially the cities of Vitória and Villa Velha, I began to feel the necessity to ‘remove’, both in my annotations and studies for paintings, the urban elements which ‘disturbed’ the landscapes, in order for the same to return to its natural state, without human intervention. Since then, my work has reflected this theme. The images suggest that the spectator must contemplate and reflect the empty and silence, what to me today, is our greatest necessity’’ affirms the artist.

In the paintings there is an integration between figure-background, the artist smudges the planes and creates a fusion between the elements of the scene. There is a search to eliminate the edges,with this choice the forms become more fluid and less stagnant. The current palette, composed of cold colours, differs from the previous works, where vibrant colours would predominate.

Mariannita generally works with large scale paintings, but has recently began producing works in smaller scale. The drawings from the current line of production do not work as studies for the paintings as one can initially think. They are autonomous. ‘’The drawing is a refinement of painting’’ says the artist.


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