Marisa Mokarzel

(this page was last updated in February 2019)

Lives and works in Pará, Brazil.
Member of the Nominating Committee PIPA 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2019.

Marisa Mokarzel is a Doctor in Sociology by the Federal University of Ceará and master in Art History by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. She is a teacher and researcher of the masters program of Communications, Languages and Culture and Art History, and teacher of the Visual Arts course and of the Image Technology course at Amazonia University – UNAMA. 

Mokarzel was given the Funarte Estímulo à Produção Crítica (Funarte Critical Production Incentive) scholarship in 2013. She published the book “Navegante da Luz: Miguel Chikaoka e o navegar de uma produção experimental” as a result of the Funarte Estímulo à Produção Crítica scholarship in 2014. She was director of the cultural center Casa das Onze Janelas of the culture secretary of state in the state of Pará, Brazil. She was also curator of Rumos Visuais of Itaú Cultural 2005/2006 and of the Fiat Brasil showing in 2006. 

Some of her curating projects include: Berna Reale in Wiesbaden Germany (2010); special room of Armando Queiroz at Arte Pará (2010); “Sobre o Vazio”, by Alberto Bitar, in partnership with the artist at the Funarte Marc Ferrez Photography Prize (2010); “Midas” by Armando Queiroz, also in partnership with the artist at the CCBEU/PA gallery (2012); “À Deriva”, exhibition by Elza Lima, result of the Creation, Experimentation and Research Scholarship at the Pará Art Institute – IAP (2013); “Rotas: desvios e outros ciclos”, in partnership with Bitu Cassundé at the Ceará Contemporary Art Museum (2013); “Silêncio…”, by the photographer Octávio Cardoso at the Kamara Gallery Kó/PA (2013); “Além de um Lugar” collective by Kamara Kó, at Caixa Cultura, Brasília (2014); “Navegante da Luz”; Miguel Chikaoka, at the Kó/PA (2013); “Silêncios e Vazios”, showing by the photographers Ana Mokarzel and Pedro Cunha at the CCBEU/PA gallery (2014), “Navegantes da Luz” by Miguel Chikaoka at the Kó/PA (2014), “Além do Lugar” at Kó/PA in (2015) and “Exaustos” at the Casa das Onze Janelas Cultural Center in Belém, Pará (2018). 

Marisa was the critic and curator of the Estímulo à Produção (Production Incentive) scholarship, given by the Laboratório de Arte Contemporânea do Centro Cultural Banco do Nordeste de Fortaleza-CE  (Contemporary Art Lab at the Cultural Centre Northeast Bank in Fortaleza, Ceará) (2014).

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