Michel Zózimo

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Santa Maria, Brazil, 1977.
Lives and works in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

PIPA 2012, 2015 and 2016 nominee.

Graduated in Visual Arts at UFSM in 2004, lives in Porto Alegre (RS), where he works as a Visual Arts teacher and develops his research on Visual Poetics in the Doctoral programme at the Arts Institute of UFRGS.
Since 2008,  Zózimo conducts the project called Fluxorama, which deals with the poetic possibilities of scientific subjects, through the transposition of educational content or informational texts from printings made in the second half of the twentieth century to works produced by the elementary school students. The artist is interested in science fiction that projects itself in past times, where the displacement of space is a potent material.

In 2012, he participated in artistic residency at the Hangar – Barcelona, receiving the Award Exhibition CCSP, Season of Projects Palace of Arts, Itaú Cultural Directions 2011-2013, Exhibition Future of the Past [Gallery Mendes Wood].

In 2011, he was selected among 30 finalists for the Award Marcantonio Vilaça 2011-2012, participating in the Third Biennal Codex International Book Fair & Symposium: Collaborations and Borders / [curated by Martha Hellion. The CodexFoundation] – SanFrancisco, California, USA.

In 2010, he published the book Expansive Strategies on Art: artists´publications and their moving spaces, receiving the Award of Incentive for the Critical Production from Funarte.

Zózimo is currently writing his thesis on rocks, meteorites and outdated scientific experiments, while he teaches Visual Arts to students from elementary school.

Website: www.michelzozimo.com

Video produced by Matrioska Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2012:

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