PIPA 2014 Exhibition

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The PIPA 2014 exhibition, showing works by the four finalists Alice Miceli, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Thiago Martins de Melo and Wagner Malta Tavares, was held at Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro from September 6th through November 16th, 2014.

Alice Miceli, PIPA 2014 and PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition 2014, showed the work “Em profundidade (campos -minados) [“In depths(minefields)’], 2014, printing with pigment on paper, comprising 11 photographs 105 x 70 cm each, made during a research in a minefield in countryside Cambodia. “The mines take up certain landscapes during a period of conflict, but it is a sort of occupation that is still dangerous even decades later the conflict has ended (…) so minefields transform entire landscapes in spaces forever impenetrable”, explains the artist. With “Em profundidade (campos-minados)” [“In depth (minefields)”], Alice aims at entering this space where you theoretically cannot step on.

The Catalan, Daniel asked the Museum curators to occupy an external area next to the usual space occupied by the Prize exhibition, filling up a hallway. The work “´(” is a kind of curtain with shapes inspired by the Museum architecture. “It is impossible to create an artwork for a place with such spectacular architecture without taking it into consideration”, the artist justifies.

Thiago Martins de Melo works mostly with paintings and is currently experimenting with sculpture. His figurative paintings explore complex scenes, with vivid colours and characters often ghostly or religious in a pictorial catharsis.

In the exhibition he presented five canvases that together made a large-scale cross, as well as two sculptures. “It is a work with a certain spiritual aspect, but that nonetheless carries a complexity of a historical narrative, permeated by other symbols”, Thiago commented.

Wagner Malta Tavares, a.k.a. WMT showed “Turbulência nos trópicos” [“Turbulence in the tropics”], an installation consisting of a projection, audio and electrical connections. “Since the work I did in Chicago with snow and heat, I have always wanted to do another work related to temperature”, the artist explained. Electrical resistance wires shaped in letters of an unknown alphabet glow, heating the exhibition space and making up a big sentence, “they have a logic, they follow a rhythm. Now if they have a meaning or not, being a secret writing yet to be deciphered, who knows?”

*All photographs by Gian Lana.

Setting up the exhibition
During the week before the opening, the four finalists went to the Museum to assemble their works. They spoke to the Matrioska Filmes team and an exclusive video was produced. Watch the video and see what each artist had to say about their artworks:

See some pictures of the opening by photographer Gian Lana:

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