PIPA 2014 Nominating Committee

(this page was last updated in July 2016)

Nominating Committee

The members of the Nominating Committee, invited by PIPA Board, are renowned professionals, Brazilian or foreign, that work with contemporary art, such as established artists, art critics, collectors, art teachers, gallerists and curators.
Each member will indicate up to 3 (three) names of artists qualified to participate in the PIPA.
The members who are gallerists can not nominate artists represented by their galleries.

Below the list with the PIPA 2014 Nominating Committee:

Agustin Pérez Rubio
(critic | curator | Spain)

Alejandra Hernández Muñoz
(critic | curator | Northeast)

Alexia Tala
(critic | curator | Chile)

Alfredo Setubal
(collector | Southeast)

Antonio Manuel
(artist | Southeast)

Beatriz Milhazes
(artist | Southeast)

(artist | Southeast)

Carlos Eduardo Bitu Cassundé
(critic | curator | Northeast)

Catherine Petitgas
(collector | England)

Charles Watson
(educator | lecturer | Southeast)

Cristiana Tejo
(curator | Northeast)

Daniela Labra
(curator | Southeast)

Fabio Cypriano
(critic | Southeast)

Fabio Szwarcwald
(collector | Southeast)

Fernando Oliva
(curator | Southeast)

Fersen Lamas Lambranho
(collector | Southeast)

Guilherme Simões de Assis
(gallerist | South)

Heitor Reis
(collector | Northeast)

Jacqueline Jappur Plass
(director of Instituto Cultural Plajap | Southeast)

Jesús Fuenmayor
(curator | Venezuela)

Jorge Menna Barreto
(artist | South)

José Resende
(artist | Southeast)

Kaira M. Cabañas
(critic | England)

Luciana Brito
(gallerist | Southeast)

Luiz Augusto Teixeira de Freitas
(collector | Portugal)

Luiz Schymura
(collector | Southeast)

Marisa Mokarzel
(critic | curator | North)

Paulo Miyada
(curator | Southeast)

Paulo Reis
(critic | curator | South)

Renata Azambuja
(critic | curator | Middle West)

Tatiana Blass
(artist | Southeast)

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