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Art collective created in 2002.
Live and work between Belo Horizonte, MG e Salvador, Brazil

Members: Brígida Campbell and Marcelo Terça-Nada!.

PIPA 2015 Nominee.

Poro is composed of two artists and acts since 2002 performing poetic, ironic and/or political actions. Poro’s urban interventions and ephemeral actions
 aim at raising questions about urban problems and try to point out subtleties, emphasising aspects of the city that have become invisible due to the accelerated rhythm of life in the urban metropolitan centers. Poro intents to reflect upon the possibilities of the relationship between public and institutional spaces and uses popular means of communication to create works, while reclaiming the city as place for art.

Webpage: www.poro.redezero.org

Video produced by Matrioska Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2015.

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