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Created in 2009, in Belém, Brazil.
Acts on the Amazon region, Brazil.

The members are not fixed, but essentialy are:
Icaro Gaya, Lucas Gouvea, Mateus Moura, Pedro Olaia e Romario Alves.

PIPA nominee 2015.

qUALQUER qUOLETIVO has habited and acted politically in Belém, in the state Pará, in the Amazon region. Since 2009 it has been investigating and working with Urban Intervention, Impromptu cinema, Streets’ performances, rituals: visual arts> literature> performing> experiences and possible technologies; these experiences allow them to dive into investigative processes that result in seeing the region with a poetic outlook but without leaving the critical and resistance politics aside.

Since it acts Amazon region and sometimes beyond the cities, within the forests, qUOLETIVO does not a body of fixed members. It collaborated in the realization of performance festival “diluidades”, in the event “Égua Sarau” and contributed to the publication dossier for a critical mapping of Amazon. The collective has proposed an experience in the thirty-first Bienal de São Paulo.

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