Rogério Ghomes

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Ponta Grossa, Brazil, 1966.
Lives and works in Londrina, Brazil.

Represented by the Galleries Referencia Zilda Fraletti and Galeria Murilo Castro.

PIPA 2012 nominee.

Rogério Ghomes uses photography to explore a sensitive universe that is more than just a record. Meanings are hidden behind his enigmatic images. For the artist, the beginnings of each work are the result of chance journeys through territories, travels and discoveries. Then, with the decanting of this memory, the images take on new layers: they suggest the spiritual, the existential, “the way of being and existing” as he puts it. Just as important as the click of the camera is the use of text, which adds a sensitive layer to the work, revealing and giving new form to meanings that can’t be captured with color and light alone. The word games, whether in the titles or in the images themselves, are like revelations that the artist makes little by little of the meanings he invites us to discover. Nothing in his work is by chance: the framing, treatment, title, print, installation, connection with space. Everything is thought out, the partial results of research that tests the limits of photography and is far from over.

Winner of the Funarte Visual Arts National Network Program (2015) with the project Expanded Field: narratives of the image and the MinC/Funarte/Petrobrás Visual Arts Connection Call (2013) with the project Expanded Field: the convergence of images. He was a finalist for the PIPA Award (2012) and the Brasil Arte Contemporânea Award at ARCO_ madrid (2010). He has held solo exhibitions and taken part in several national and international group exhibitions, including 20 years Faxinal das Artes: processes and gaps MAC PR (2022), Lugar-comum MAC USP (2021), Afinidades MON (2021), Pequenos Gestos: memórias disruptivas – MAC PR (2019), Curitiba International Biennial (2015 and 2019). Ibero-American Photobooks – Lisbon (2017). Silver Night of Projections – Encontros da Imagem, Braga, Portugal (2015). Everyone needs a mirror to remember who they are, Encuentros Abiertos, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2008), Pirelli Photography Collection, Museu de Arte de São Paulo – MASP (2009), II Bienal Internacional de Fotografia Cidade de Curitiba (2000), Panorama de Arte Brasileira – MAM SP (1997), VI Havana Biennial (1997).

His works are part of private collections and public institutions such as: ABACT Photography Collection, Joaquim Paiva Collection – Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro – MAM RJ, McLaren London Collection, Pirelli – MASP Photography Collection, Curitiba Cultural Foundation – FCC, Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo – MAM SP, Museum of Contemporary Art of the University of São Paulo – MAC USP, Museum of Contemporary Art of Paraná – MAC PR, Oscar Niemeyer Museum – MON, National Museum of Fine Arts – MNBA.

He holds a PhD in Intelligence Technologies and Digital Design from PUC-SP and a Master’s degree in Design from UNESP. He teaches in the Department of Design at the State University of Londrina (UEL).


Vídeo produzido pela Matrioska Filmes, exclusivamente para o PIPA 2012:

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