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Duo created in 2009 by Fernando de Aquino and Márcio H. Mota.

Fernando Aquino
Divinópolis, Brazil, 1984.

Márcio H Mota
Brasília, Brazil, 1983.

Live and work in Brasília, Brazil.

Duo nominated for PIPA 2013.

Tuttaméia investigates issues optics, geometry and war.
In 2010, developed a series of video installations “Bruto”, which uses everyday objects mapping. Since 2011, working with heteronyms in the deep web, falsifying sales areas. In 2012, produced a series of consequential graffiti rural and performances “BR”. In 2013, along with the artists Jackson Marinho and Mateus Carvalho, they held the exhibition “Police, Bandit, Dog, Dentist”, conceptualized by notions of outpatient delirium and concrete delirium, influenced from Hélio Oiticica’s work.

Video produced by Matrioska Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2013.

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