Works donated in 2013

(this page was last updated in December 2014)

One of the main goes that led to the creation of PIPA, in 2010, was to establish a lasting partnership between Investidor Profissional Gestão de Recursos and the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro.
In this regard it was decided that, in order to contribute to the expansion of the museum’s collection, with works of contemporary Brazilian artists, the four finalists of each edition of PIPA would donate an artwork to MAM-Rio.

The winners of each category (PIPA, PIPA Popular Vote and PIPA Online) also donate a work to Instituto Investidor Profissional, producer of the award.

Donations to Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (MAM-Rio) in 2013

Cadu, winner of PIPA 2013, and each of the other finalists ( Berna Reale, Camila Soato and Laercio Redondo) donated an artwork to MAM-Rio.

Berna Reale donated the work presented at PIPA 2013 exhibition. “MMXIII” is a photo performance from 2013, which measures 180x110cm.

Cadu also donated the work presented at PIPA 2013 exhibition, entitled “Estações III”, from 2013, composed by wood, land, a book and nankin on paper, measuring 250x250x500cm

Laercio Redondo donated “Paisagem Impressa”, 2013, serigraph print on plywood, synthetic straw and books (ed 1/2), 45x231x363cm.

Camila Soato donated to the Museum the painting “Saco de Corrida”, 2013, oil on canvas, 200x200cm

Donations to Instituto Investidor Profissional in 2013

The winners of each category donated an artwork to Instituto Investidor Profissional.

Cadu winner of PIPA 2013 donated a model of “Estações”, 2012, a small log cabin in which he lived in it alone for a year. The project has integrated his Doctoral study and participated in the 30th São Paulo Biennial. He presented at PIPA 2013 Finalists’ exhibition at MAM-Rio a frame of the cabin.

Camila Soato winner of PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition donated an oil on canvas, from the series “Pós Fim do Mundo” [“After the end of World”], 200×100 cm


Shima – winner of PIPA Online 2013 donated “Testimonial”, 2006-2010, inkjet print on paper, 120x90cm.

Marco Antonio Portela, runner up of PIPA Online 2013 donated “Disappear”, 2005, inkjet print, acrylic, 42×53 cm.

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