“Art, non-art and after art”, critical text by Luiz Camillo Osorio

The first text of the year of Luiz Camillo Osorio’s column discusses the autonomy of the definitions given to what is currently considered art – and by whom such denominations are made. Camillo reflects on the constant incorporation of new activities and practices, which for decades would not have been included in museums and galeries, taking as an example the group Forensic Architecture


Over 140 international artists reflect on contemporary life

(Rome, Italy) Cinthia Marcelle and Jonathas de Andrade participate on “THE STREET. Where the world is made”, in which multicultural artists determine how public actions, daily life, politics, the community, innovation, and the role of the institution are fundamental for understanding the new functions and identity of the modern-day street


Brazilian artists inquiry the social role of the body

(Porto, Portugal) Nine artists explore how ones bodies may “refuse the homogeneity of a neutralised mass by the tyranny of aesthetic and behavioural patterns, challenging us to think about the place left to individual identities and subjectivities in contemporary societies”, specially in Brazil

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