Pedro Suzuki Ursini

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São Paulo, SP, 1993.
Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.

PIPA 2021 nominee.

Pedro Suzuki Ursini was born in São Paulo, where he lives and works. Visual Artist graduated from ECA/USP, originally enrolled as a literature student at the same university. He works as a printmaker, primarily with intaglio techniques; a favourite procedure is that of image appropriation, then transferred to the cooper plate, etched and reworked. This practice, always in touch with the history – of techniques and of images -, relies on the idea that a critical imagination is deeply rooted in the obsolescence of the medium; the most important is not to judge the currentness of art, but to exercise its inherent freedom – which, in the culture of progress, can always be found in the privileged experience of all things past and disposable.

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