Artists 2015

(this page was last updated in July 2016)

PIPA 2015 nominees’ list was released on March 9th through the 13th. The artists were selected by PIPA 2015 Nominating Committee as there are no enrolments for the prize. This year, the Committee was composed of 26 art experts and each of the members could nominate up to 3 artists, keeping in mind PIPA’s goal of selecting artists with a recent trajectory in the art scene, whose works are already in evidence, consistent and promising. In total, 67 artists from different regions in Brazil were nominated.

Only the nominated artists that sign the Terms of Participation and accomplish the requirements of PIPA Coordination within the terms fixed, are considered Participating Artists and may run for the awards in its four categories.

(Click on the name or image of the artist to visit his/her profile page where you can find exclusive videos, images and texts on his/hers artistic trajectory.)

Ana Ruas

(PIPA Online Popular Vote 2015)

Clara Ianni

(Finalist 2016)

Cristiano Lenhardt

(Finalist 2015)

Éder Oliveira

(PIPA Popular Vote 2017)

Gustavo Speridião

(Finalist 2016)

Leticia Ramos

(Finalist 2015)

Luciana Magno

(PIPA Online 2015)

Marina Rheingantz

(Finalist 2015)

Rodrigo Braga

(Finalist 2012,
PIPA Popular Vote 2012)

Romy Pocztaruk

Finalist 2018)

Virginia de Medeiros

(PIPA Popular Vote 2015,
PIPA Winner 2015)

Wagner Malta Tavares

(Finalist 2014)

They will run for the following awards:

PIPA – Winner, elected by the Award Jury, will receive R$130,000 (one hundred and thirty thousand Reais). Part of this value (approximately 20%) will be directed towards an artistic residency programme at Residency Unlimited, in New York, for three months.
PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition – Winner, elected by the public at PIPA’s exhibition, at MAM-Rio, will receive R$24,000 (twenty-four thousand Reais).
PIPA Online – An artist among the five with the highest number of votes on PIPA’s website will be elected by PIPA Online’s Jury and receive R$12,000 (twelve thousand Reais), in addition to a two month artistic residency programme at Sacatar Institute.
PIPA Online Popular Vote– The artist with the greatest number of votes on PIPA’s website will receive R$6,000 (six thousand Reais).

Read the complete list of PIPA 2015 Nominated Artists.

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