PIPA Online 2015

(this page was last updated in July 2016)

PIPA Online version occurred in two respective rounds. The 1st round commenced on 19th July – 26 July. The 2nd round began on the 2nd – 9th August. Noting that only the artists whom received more than 500 votes in the 1st round moved on to the 2nd round. Additionally, votes received by artists on the 1st round were kept on the 2nd round. Out of the 61 participating artists, only 9 qualified for the final round.

Similar to PIPA and PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition, in which only PIPA Finalists compete for and participate in an exhibition at MAM-Rio, the online version of the prize has two categories: the winner is elected exclusively by the public (PIPA Online Popular Vote) and the second category, in which a Jury elects the winner (PIPA Online). All nominated artists can compete for the online categories of the Prize, differently from PIPA and PIPA Exhibition Popular Vote, where only the finalists, nominated by the Nominating Committee can participate. To find out more, click here.

PIPA’s online version categories:

PIPA Online Popular Vote – winner is the artist with the highest number of votes at the end of the second round and receives a sum of R$6,000.

PIPA Online – winner is chosen by PIPA Online’s Jury amongst the five artists with the highest number of votes at the end of the second round. The artist receives R$12,000 in addition to participating in a two month artistic residency programme at Sacatar Institute in 2016. A defining criteria in the Jury’s selection process of determining the winner is based upon the quality of content of the artist’s page in our websites.

Ana Ruas was the winner of PIPA Online Popular Vote 2015, with a total of 2184 votes given by the public.
Luciana Magno was the winner of PIPA Online 2015, chosen by the Award Jury amongst the five artists with the highest number of votes.

To learn more about the winning artists of PIPA Online and PIPA Online Popular Vote, click and access their profile pages:

Ana Ruas
– Luciana Magno

Watch the announcement of the winning artists:

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Find below the score of the 9 artists who participated in the 2º round of PIPA Online 2015:

Ana Ruas – 2184 – PIPA Online Popular Vote winner
Fábio Magalhães – 1237
Gustavo Von Ha – 1236
Luciana Magno – 1160 – PIPA Online winner
Luiz Mauro – 1144
Poro – 1011
Gustavo Speridião – 719
Raquel Versieux – 683
Gabriel Giucci – 570

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