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PIPA Prize

PIPA Prize is an initiative of  PIPA Institute. It was created in 2010 to be the most prominent Brazilian prize in the Visual Arts. From 2010 to 2018, PIPA had a partnership with MAM-Rio.


The Prize was created with the aim to promote Brazilian art and artists and MAM-Rio by stimulating the domestic contemporary art production; motivating and supporting new (but not necessarily young) Brazilian artists; besides being an alternative model for the third sector.


PIPA’s goal is to award and give visibility to artists that have been distinguished by their works and who are already known in the Brazilian art scene. It is not designated towards discovering new artists. It is an award.

There are no entries to run for the Prize. The artists that take part in the Award are nominated by the Nominating Committee, which changes yearly.

It is held annually and any artists with works in any media can be nominated, without age restrictions.

View below a diagram explaining the dynamic of the Prize:



  • PIPA Finalists = each of the four finalists receive a donation of R$30.000.
  • PIPA winner = Receives an extra donation of R$30.000,00 for the development of a project. The winner is selected by the Award Jury.
  • PIPA Online winner = The most voted artist by the end of the second round receives R$ 15.000,00.


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