PIPA 2022 Awarded Artists Exhibition

(this page was last updated in November 2022)

On September 1st, we opened at Paço Imperial, in Rio de Janeiro, the PIPA 2022 Awarded Artists Exhibition and the Recent Acquisitions: PIPA Institute collection’s exhibition. Both exhibitions will be on display until October 30.

With a trajectory of more than ten years in the contemporary art scene, PIPA Prize, an initiative of PIPA Institute, has the goal of promoting Brazilian art and artists, as well as boosting the national artistic production. Throughout more than a decade, we aimed to present a set that stands out in the artistic circle and that translates the diversity and quality of the country’s cultural scene.

On the 13th edition of the Prize, we have the pleasure of announcing the Awarded Artists of PIPA 2022: Coletivo ColetoresJosiUÝRA and Vitória Cribb. Among this year’s 61 nominated artists, artists with a career no longer than 15 years, these four were chosen by PIPA’s Board for having works that are forceful and that represent what is being created in a country as plural as Brazil. As a part of the prize, each artist receives a donation of R$20k.

More than 30 artworks by the 4 Awarded Artists take over the Terreiro space of Paço Imperial.

The Coletivo Coletores will explore, beyond the Terreiro, the external spaces of Paço Imperial with a videomapping work on the facade of the colonial building. On opening day, the Coletivo will also park a led truck next to the exhibition space, after going around the city of Rio with one of their projections, “Não retornados”. Furthermore, the duo of artists Toni Baptiste and Flávio Camargo will also display a video-installation in NFT, “Histórias que não ninam”.

Josi exhibits a series of paintings made with an original technique developed by her: using, on paper and fabric, the water from making black beans. The artist also uses wheat flour gum and dirt on her drawings, in addition to bringing a sieve as a medium to the paintings. Josi presents a few ceramic sculptures as well.

UÝRA brings a bit of the Amazon forest to Paço Imperial with flags bearing pictures of canopy (the covering of the forest trees). On the fabrics, the public can see the animals that inhabit the Amazon, through the drawing made by the leaves of the trees.

Finally, Vitória Cribb presents a site-specific specially conceived for Paço Imperial, with the movie “@ilusão” (2020). In the artwork, the visual repetition reflects on the state of anxiety, stress, tiredness and loneliness that strike us when we interact with others, specially on the digital environment, due to the algorithm and the constant engagement. The artist’s idea is “to incorporate a digital contemporary environment under a colonial architecture marked by the violence and exploitation of marginalised groups”.

Since 2020, the Prize’s exhibition does not have a competitive aspect. This show is, also, a celebration of the choosing of these four artists as this edition’s awardees. Thus, the four of them share Terreiro’s space with juxtaposed artworks, positioned in a way that highlights the possible permeabilities and enhancing their power as a set. Without a rigid expography, they create the space together in a free and fluid way – the exhibition is written by many hands.

PIPA Institute exhibition – Recent Acquisitions 

Beyond the works of the four winner of 2022, PIPA Institute presents, in Terreirinho, the space in front of Terreiro, works commissioned and acquired over the last few years. These are works by contemporary Brazilian artists that are part of PIPA Prize’s history: Eduardo BerlinerLeticia RamosRomy PocztarukIlê SartuziDenilson Baniwa and Isael Maxakali. The PIPA Institute collection can be visited on http://www.institutopipa.com/.

Watch the guided tour at the opening of the PIPA 2022 Awarded artists exhibition. Duration 21’31”

PIPA 2022 Awarded Artists Exhibition and the Recent Acquisitions: PIPA Institute collection’s exhibition
From September 1st until October 30, 2022
Opening: September 1st, from 12 to 5pm

Paço Imperial
Praça XV de Novembro, 48 Centro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tuesday to Saturday and holidays, from 12 to 5pm
Free entry

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