PIPA Online 2017

(this page was last updated in August 2017)

PIPA Online occurs in two shifts, lasting eight days each, always from Sunday to Sunday. In the online category of PIPA, it’s the public who decides the winner through voting in the website.

This year, the first round started on July 16th and featured the participation of 52 of the 56 nominated artists for PIPA Prize 2017. On July 23th, end of the first phase of voting, 12 artists received more than 500 and were classified for the second round, two of them being, for the first time in the history of PIPA, Finalists – Antônio Obá and Éder Oliveira.

See how it was the scoreboard at the end of the first round:
Musa Michelle Mattiuzzi – 1176
Aleta Valente – 741
Antônio Obá – 725
Jorge Luiz Fonseca– 698
Lyz Parayzo – 666
Christus Nóbrega – 624
Desali – 606
Rubiane Maia – 603
Éder Oliveira – 593
Mario Bands – 551
Dalton Paula – 550
Paul Setúbal – 540

In the eighth edition on PIPA Online, the highest number of votes, 11,678 (total), was recorded in this category of the Prize for the first time in PIPA.

The score is reset and the voting starts again in the second round, that started on July 30th. The end of the voting was on August 6th and, in the next day, August 7th, the winners were announced. In first place, artists Jorge Luiz Fonseca won with 4103  votes and and will be awarded with R$10 thousand. Musa Michelle Mattiuzzi won in second place, the artist received 2965  votes and will be awarded R$5 thousand. Both artists will donate a work to PIPA Institute (to be defined as a mutual agreement between the artists and the Coordination of the Institute).

Meet PIPA Online 2017 winners

– Jorge Luiz FonsecaConselheiro Lafaiete, Brazil, 1966.

Jorge Luiz Fonseca received 4101 votes from the public and won the first place of PIPA Online. The artist has worked as a professor at the Juiz de Fora Federal University Arts Department and as creative and production director of artisan groups. His artistic background is self-taught, with different career experiences such as: train driver, furniture designer, fashion designer and art teacher.

View works by the artist:

– Musa Michelle MattiuzziSão Paulo, Brazil, 1983.

Former banker, former receptionist, former telemarketing operator, former general service assistant, former baby sitter, former dancer, former woman, former insurance broker, former wife, former student. Got expelled from Bahia Federal University, for institutional racism. Black, writer, performer, moves artistically in a disciplinary way. The artist won second place, receiving 2965 votes in total.

View works by the artist:

About PIPA Online

PIPA Online is the category of the Prize in which all participating artists of this current edition are invited to participate. Participation is no mandatory. The winner is defined by the number of votes received on his/hers page, here on the website. The main objective is to support and promote all nominees and Brazilian contemporary art through the internet.


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