PIPA Online 2020

(this page was last updated in December 2020)

On August 23rd, Isael Maxakali won the PIPA Online 2020 with 4,191 votes. Considering the total of the first and second rounds there was an impressive number of votes counted over the two phases distributed amongst the 56 participants in the category, 33,038 votes. After the campaign, Isael received R$ 15,000 (fifteen thousand Brazilian reais).


As in the previous editions, PIPA Online is divided into two shifts. Only the artists who reach a minimum of 500 votes in the 1st round are able to participate in the 2nd round. Once the 1st round ends, all votes are zeroed. The counting begins again by the beginning of the second round.

In 2020, it will be used the same voting system implemented last year, aiming to improve the safety and control over frauds during the process, via email. It’s simple: by clicking the “vote” button on the selected artist’s page, the visitor must enter their email, to where a verification code will be sent. After copying and pasting the code into the voting window on the site, it will be necessary to confirm a captcha (a simple security question) and then your first vote out of three is registered in our system.

The system of three minimum mandatory votes, established in 2018, still remains this year but to the first round only. Once you have validated your email on the first vote, you won’t have to redo the email verification process for the other two required votes – simply enter the page of the chosen artists and click “vote” that your vote will be automatically registered.

In the case of only one artist receiving 500 votes in the 1st round, he/she will be declared the winner and there won’t be the 2nd round. If no artist receives 500 votes in the 1st round, there will be no winner.

This year, PIPA Online will award only one artist: the most voted artist by the end of the 2nd round receives a donation of R$ 15.000,00.


July 26th – 1st round of PIPA Online begins
August 2nd – End of PIPA Online’s 1st round
August 16th – PIPA Online’s 2nd round begins
August 23rd – End of PIPA Online 2nd round
August 24th – PIPA Online Winner announcement

How to vote

Watch the following tutorial in order to learn how to vote on your favourite artists on PIPA Online 2020. It’s important to stress that your votes won’t be validated unless you vote in at least three different artists.

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