(this page was last updated in August 2022)

The 1st round of PIPA Online 2022 began on August 1st and 57 of the 61 artists nominated for the 13th edition of the PIPA Prize participated. By the end of August 7th, when the first round of voting ended, 16338 votes had been counted and 13 artists had obtained more than 500 votes and qualified for the second round. They were (in descending order by number of votes): Glicéria Tupinambá (721), Clarice Gonçalves (596), Fefa Lins (593), Samantha Canovas (584), Xadalu Tupã Jekupé (589), Fernanda Azou (570), Gustavo Caboco (564), Ana Mendes (550), Tamikuã Txihi (543), Eugênia França (541), Clara Moreira (531), Coletivo Audiovisual negro Quariterê (530) e Efe Godoy (529).

Only the artists who reach a minimum of 500 votes in the 1st round will be able to participate in the 2nd round, which takes place from August 15 through the 21st. Once the 1st round ends, all votes are reset and the counting starts again at the beginning of the second round.

PIPA Online remains optional for all participants of the Prize’s current edition, including the Awarded Artists. Of this year’s 61 nominated artists, 57 decided to take part in PIPA Online. The voting continues to be online and in two rounds. In the first round, it is necessary to vote in, at least, three artists.


The PIPA Online category will happen in two rounds. Artists who obtain more than 500 votes in the first round move on to the second round. The score will be reset at the beginning of the second round.

The two most voted artists at the end of the second round of the online voting will receive R$5,000 (five thousand Reais).

If only one artist receives more than 500 votes in the first round, he/she will be announced as the PIPA Online Winner without the need for a second round.

If no artist receives more than 500 votes in the first round, there will be no PIPA Online Winner.

In the first round, there is no limit on the number of artists the voters can vote in. However, each visitor has to vote in at least three different artists for his/her votes to be validated.

In the second round, there is also no limit on the number of artists, amongst the classified for the 2nd round, voters can vote in. However, one vote only is enough for the vote to be validated, which means there is no longer a minimum of three obligatory votes.


  • 1st (Monday) to 7th of August (Sunday) – PIPA Online’s 1st round
  • 15 of August (Monday) to 21st of August (Domingo) –  PIPA Online’s 2nd round
  • 22 of August – PIPA Online 2022 announcement

How to vote

Watch our tutorial bellow to learn how to vote for your favorite artists at PIPA Online 2022.

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