(this page was last updated in January 2024)

In the fourteenth edition of PIPA Online, Retratistas do Morro and  André Mendes were the winners of the virtual category with 1.444 and 1.083 votes in the second round, respectively. A total of 22,254 votes were cast in this edition, 16.323 in the first round and 5.931 in the second round, distributed among the 70 participants. The winning artists were awarded with a R$5,000 donation each after campaigning on social networks.


The PIPA Online category will happen in two rounds. Artists who obtain more than 500 votes in the first round move on to the second round. The score will be reset at the beginning of the second round.

The two most-voted artists at the end of the second round of the online voting will receive R$5,000 (five thousand Reais).

If only one artist receives more than 500 votes in the first round, he/she will be announced as the PIPA Online Winner without the need for a second round.

If no artist receives more than 500 votes in the first round, there will be no PIPA Online Winner.

In the first round, there is no limit on the number of artists the voters can vote in. However, each visitor has to vote in at least three different artists for his/her votes to be validated.

In the second round, there is also no limit on the number of artists, amongst the classified for the 2nd round, voters can vote in. However, one vote only is enough for the vote to be validated, which means there is no longer a minimum of three obligatory votes.


  • 31st of july (Monday) to 6th of August (Sunday) – PIPA Online’s 1st round
  • 14 of August (Monday) to 20st of August (Sunday) –  PIPA Online’s 2nd round
  • 21 of August (Monday) – PIPA Online 2023 top voted artists announced

How to vote

Watch our tutorial bellow to learn how to vote for your favorite artists at PIPA Online 2023.

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