Renata Tupinambá

(this page was last updated in February 2024)

Lives and works in Niterói, Brazil.
Member of the PIPA Nominating Committee 2024.

From Niterói (Brazil). Founder of Originárias Produções. She is a journalist, scriptwriter, consultant, curator, poet and visual artist. She has been working since 2005 to disseminate indigenous cultures through projects and ethnocommunication. Her career has been marked by a dedication inspired by indigenous art, cinema and communication, carrying out pioneering work as well as being involved in transformative projects in this field. She is an adjunct curator at the São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP). She co-founded and coordinated Rádio Yandê, Brazil’s first indigenous web radio station. She is a member of Útero Amotara Zabelê, a philosophical school for indigenous peoples in the Tupinambá territory in Bahia. She created the Originárias audio series, the first in Brazil to feature interviews with indigenous artists, directors and musicians. She collaborates with Acessibilindígena, a national collective of indigenous people with disabilities and neurodiversities. She was the curator of the Indigenous Cinema and Culture Festival (FeCCI) 2022; Edital Natura Musical 2021; Corpos da Terra Festival 2021; Indigenous Music Festival at Indígenas BR 2021 – 2022; Escuta Festival 2021 – 2023 at the Moreira Salles Institute in Rio de Janeiro, Indigenous Ethnomedia Show II 2021; creator of Slam Coalkan (the first indigenous slam to bring together poets from across the American continent, held by FLUP and by the Toronto International Festival of Authors – TIFA). She was one of the creators and curators of the first contemporary Indigenous Music Festival at Unibes Cultural in 2019. She has been a member of TV Cultura’s board of trustees since 2020. She was an ambassador for the Identities of Brazil Institute (ID_BR) 2020, as well as for the Women’s Music Event 2021-2022. Renata was one of the scriptwriters and consultants on “Histórias (Im)Possíveis”, a Brazilian anthology miniseries produced by TV Globo in 2023, created and written by Renata Martins, Jaqueline Souza and Grace Passô. The series is part of the Falas Project. She worked as a scriptwriter and advisor on the series “Sou Moderno, Sou Índio” (I’m Modern, I’m Indigenous), with 13 26-minute episodes, for Cine Brasil TV, produced by Lente Viva Filmes. The series won the Special Jury Prize in the Jallalla Category at the 16th Arica Nativa Festival, Chile, 2021, and the Best Series Award at the 10th Latino and Native American Film Festival, Connecticut, USA, 2022.

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