Samuel Macedo

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Crato, Brazil, 1984
Lives and works in Crato, Brazil

PIPA Prize 2024 nominee

Photographer and traveler, Samuel Macedo is a Ceará native of the world. Still a boy, he discovered his fascination for imagery through his grandfather, a natural-born inventor of fantastic contraptions who, in his workshop, birthed Samuel’s first camera, a pinhole. His education began at the Casa Grande Foundation – Memorial do Homem Kariri, but it was by observing the many characters that inhabit his territory and walking along its margins that he learned to capture the ethnographic and the poetic, perceiving in traits and gestures narratives of the people of Brazil and beyond.

In 2023, he inaugurated his first solo exhibition, “Encantarias Cariri”. Featuring portraits of masters from the Cariri region of Ceará, the show was curated by Bitú Cassundé and Fabiana Barbosa. He also participated in the exhibition “Terra em Transe,” curated by Diógenes Moura. The productions, both exhibited at the Centro Cultural do Cariri Sérvulo Esmeraldo, presented respectively the craftsmanship and life of holders of knowledge from the region and the manifestation of the “reisado de caretas,” a theme he has been delving into in his work.

For over five years, Samuel visited regions of the country with the “Infâncias” project, created by journalists Gabriela Romeu and Marlene Peret, which facilitated exchanges between children from different backgrounds – urban, riverside, quilombola, and indigenous. As a result of this work, the book “Terra de Cabinha” was produced, winner of the Jabuti Prize 2017, and the short film “Meninos e Reis,” awarded Best Documentary by the Florianópolis Children’s Film Festival in 2016.

Capturing the musical expressions of popular culture throughout Brazil, Samuel has also been part of the “Mestres Navegantes” project since 2011, conceived by Betão Aguiar. Over time, he has built up a vast collection of images and audiovisual records. Currently, the initiative is considered one of the largest artistic archives of Brazilian popular culture.


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