Tamikuã Txihi

(this page was last updated in June 2022)

Pau Brasil, Brazil, 1983
Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil

PIPA Prize 2022 nominee

Indigenous Pataxó woman, Brazilian, born in Pau Brasil, Bahia. Member of the Tekoa Itakupe community, Jaraguá, São Paulo. Indigenous activist, artist, ceramist, sculptor, poet, Bachelor in Social Work, guardian of Mother Earth and Sister Nature. She is part of the Community Feminism of Abya Yala (America). Tamikuã understands art as a way to promote physical and spiritual protection, besides territories and knowledge of original peoples. Her art is related to memories and to the history of her mother and grandmother. She transits between multiple languages, such as painting, urban intervention and video. 

Website: www.tamikuatxihi.com

Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2022:

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